More Strange Behavior from the Freshman Roomie

My roomie’s best friend

How’s it going, everyone?  So in my last post I told you about my first experiences with my first roommate in college.  I really thought that she was just getting used to living away from home and that maybe she just dealt with stress in a strange way.  I did my best to try and include her in things that I did on campus because she didn’t seem to be making any friends (or at least I didn’t know of any) but she always turned down my invitations.  She went to class I think, but would always come back to the room and play that game on her laptop.  We barely spoke to each other, not because I didn’t try.  I really did try to get to know her.  She just kept to herself and kept her earphones in her ears listening to who knows what.

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Freshman Move-In Day

Our dorm room before move-in

Let’s go back to the summer before my freshman year in college.  I was working part time, trying to save up as much money as I could before I left for school.  My mom kept nagging me to take care of things like pick out new bedding materials and make a list of all the different things I would need in my dorm room.  Like I had any idea what I needed.  I got a letter from the college with my dorm assignment, my new roommates name (I had chosen to go with the random roommate for my first year), and a bunch of other information I can’t remember.  I immediately pulled up my social media accounts and began to search for “Lindsey McWilliams” (name changed for privacy reasons) to see if I could get any hints as to what type of person she was.

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