Signs You’re a Bad Roommate

A messy roommate isn’t always the worst kind

How’s it going guys?  I came across an article that talks about how to tell if you’re a bad roommate.  Luckily, none of the things it talks about describe me.  Wouldn’t that be funny if I was writing a blog all about bad roommates and it turned out that I was actually the bad roommate?  Anyway, I’ve compiled a list of some of the things they discuss in the article:

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My Current Living Situation

Tools everywhere!!!

How’s it going, guys?  Let’s talk about my current roommate for a little bit.  We’ll call him George for privacy reasons.  Yep, I live with a guy and he’s not my boyfriend.  He’s a friend of a friend of a friend’s cousin, or something like that.  He bought an old house and was looking for a roommate to help pay for some of the renovations he wanted to do to the house, I was looking for a place to live, and that’s how we ended up living together.

I hung out with him in a group setting several times before deciding to move in with him.  I hadn’t lived with someone I didn’t know since my freshman year in college.  (You can read about my freshman roommate here)  I’ve been living in George’s house for about 6 months now.  I don’t see him that often because I try to stay out of the house as much as possible. Continue reading “My Current Living Situation”

More Strange Behavior from the Freshman Roomie

My roomie’s best friend

How’s it going, everyone?  So in my last post I told you about my first experiences with my first roommate in college.  I really thought that she was just getting used to living away from home and that maybe she just dealt with stress in a strange way.  I did my best to try and include her in things that I did on campus because she didn’t seem to be making any friends (or at least I didn’t know of any) but she always turned down my invitations.  She went to class I think, but would always come back to the room and play that game on her laptop.  We barely spoke to each other, not because I didn’t try.  I really did try to get to know her.  She just kept to herself and kept her earphones in her ears listening to who knows what.

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Freshman Move-In Day

Our dorm room before move-in

Let’s go back to the summer before my freshman year in college.  I was working part time, trying to save up as much money as I could before I left for school.  My mom kept nagging me to take care of things like pick out new bedding materials and make a list of all the different things I would need in my dorm room.  Like I had any idea what I needed.  I got a letter from the college with my dorm assignment, my new roommates name (I had chosen to go with the random roommate for my first year), and a bunch of other information I can’t remember.  I immediately pulled up my social media accounts and began to search for “Lindsey McWilliams” (name changed for privacy reasons) to see if I could get any hints as to what type of person she was.

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My new blog

How’s it going everyone?  Just wanted to welcome everyone to my new blog called Gloomy Roomies.

I have a lot of interesting stories about the different people I’ve lived with since freshman year of college.  My friends and family have all urged me to start a blog for awhile now, so here is my humble attempt.

I hope you enjoy reading about all the weird, strange, creepy, and often times funny situations I have found myself in with my roommates.  If you have any crazy roommate stories, I’d love to hear about them.  Leave a comment or contact me here.